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I can't seem to keep it...

girlfriend broke up with me, the past week, it's been up in the air. the limbo whether or not we will be together or not, it's a horrible feeling. I thought I would be happy knowing a result, but knowing it's over is still heartbreaking. I have no idea why I can't keep a girlfriend around this time of year. I'm trying to remember what I've gone through last year. yes, it hurts but life moves on. I need to lose myself into projects. I recognize that I need to change. to be better for whoever I end up with.

Mood: trying not to have a repeat of the depression I had last time...

10/16/2011 1:19:34 PM


the circle of ken

for some reason I go through cycles. where I'm ready to take on the world! and where I just want to hide and not do anything. I'm not sure why. I know that I get easily discouraged sometimes. where I get into this good groove, then one little tiny thing annoys the crap out of me and then I lose all interest. I need to get my ass in gear. I have projects that I want to finish. I have about 30% of my halloween costume done. the next month will come fast!

Mood: time to use the programmer mentality... break a big problem into smaller manageable chunks

9/30/2011 9:05:02 AM


random fact #1

sharpie permanent marker is easier to come off than highlighter.

9/19/2011 1:38:14 PM


hardware mode

after making a camera mount for my car that goes in the headrest posts, on top of the mythbusters marathon I've been watching... I really want to be constructive. up next... steadicam merlin plus the fact that I want to save 800$ more like 700 since I'll spend about 100 on random parts. hopefully it'll be easy to make.

Mood: if you build it... it will come

8/22/2011 11:02:33 PM


mr. grumpy pants!

I hate it when you have this ideal schedule and then it all goes to crap. held up @ work helped make my g/f late for her train, which made me late to let people in to pickup some picnic equip, which almost made me late to let people in for ping pong. which they didn't show... wtf...

I feel a little bad, I kinda took it out on my g/f. ya not a great move. (sigh)

Mood: venting is good, just not good when it's directed to someone that isn't the cause...

8/19/2011 11:08:36 PM