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ken's secret #1

I discovered something recently... when I'm in a bad mood, sick, depressed... instead of being a bum and lazy, I'll dress up. even if it's wearing a tie loosely & having jeans and sneakers. I do get someone telling me I look nice. and I get looks... could be from the fact that I have a tie and huge sennheisers on. between people saying I look nice... and the feeling that I'm important... helps put me in a better mood.

Mood: U can't tell how I'm reely feeling... I have a tie on!!

12/30/2011 8:19:06 PM


weight of the world...

this holiday, my mom told me, that my face looks bigger. and that I should work out more... of course, she had to give me snacks to take home with me. and I kept on telling her not to take any with me. on top of that a few days ago, one of my bosses told me, that I look heavier.. ya... not greatest feeling. ya, my mom saying I look big is normal... but when you factor in that I workout every now and then, for a while religiously... avoiding all the cookies and snacks around my work, believe me, there's A LOT!! even when it isn't a holiday... all that work... all that resisting... how can it not feel bad?

Mood: I feel fat.. :( ya... I'm such a girl...

12/21/2011 11:50:23 PM


900 feet up to 1300 feet... what an asshole

I hate getting calls when I'm in a meeting...especially when it's a number I don't recognize & from a company... kind of puts me in a bad mood. I don't care if it's the bone marrow donor program I signed up for when I was a teenager... no more calls!!

That night I got letter saying I was found to be a potential match... I felt like shit that night...

Mood: I called back the next day...

12/17/2011 3:21:51 PM


new toy!!

so I've been dying for a phone since feb. but I've been holding out for the next "big" phone. the bionic was supposed to be released in april, then pushed back further and further. when it was released in sept, it was revised, so it wasn't as big of a hardware powerhouse as the original specs. with newer phones on the horizon and me waiting as long as I did already... I got the rezound mid november. I'm loving the droid more and more! gives you the freedom that ios won't, which is always a plus with me.

Mood: droid keeps getting better the more I play!

12/13/2011 9:13:37 PM


first day of filming

so last week marked the first shoot. just me and the actress playing the "ex" to get to this point. I've been talking up this video since april, so filming was a long time coming!! since I wanted to film with the background showing some changes in seasons, but between her kids and her being afraid of cold, it was hard to schedule a good day. so the footage from the first day? I don't really like it. I had a different picture in my head. but now that I have an idea on how to correct it, I think I can get it right next time. but instead of having one actor, I'll need to coordinate both "bf" & "ex" to be there. what a pita. but I want to get the shot... and I don't have money for on call actor/actress so... gotta make due

12/12/2011 9:06:35 PM