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happy birs-day party

no, it's not mine. I'm not big on my birthday celebrations. I realized that age doesn't determine maturity, everyone matures at different rates. all age measures is how many times you go around the sun. plus after 21, there isn't any age restriction except maybe car rental at 25 (I'm not 100% sure on this one)& senior citizen discount at 60-65, let's face it, no one is rushing for that one...

so to celebrate a fob's 23rd birthday living in nyc, of course we go to karaoke... it was fun. not in the conventional way for me, since I don't really sing. only a handful of people has heard me... oh wait.. I sung once before... so a karaoke room heard me... MOVING ON!! I spent the whole night pretty much taking pictures. I've gotten into photography more and more as of late. any sort of event I try to bring it, to become better, work with the camera faster. it's difficult to deal with in those rooms, with the low lighting & me not liking how the pictures look with the flash on. I was able to still get some good shots. out of the 350 that I took, I'd have to say about 2/3 was focused right/captured right, 1/4 was usable. only a handful I absolutely love. my average for loving the shots have gone up considerably since getting the new camera!

Mood: I need to remember that every picture I take, I have to modify it later
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11/20/2011 10:14:50 PM