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failure in an epic way!

I'm typically someone that has backups. especially after watching andromeda where almost every episode, they have a catastrophic failure and they have a plan b. overall, it's not a bad thing to do. I've filled my camera bag with lots of extra equipment, mostly because I want to carry it around and get used to the weight. in there I carry a point and shoot camera, a camcorder, misc accessories, pretty much anything that will have my camera running for a while.

so saturday my family was celebrating my mom's birthday, I brought my standard gear, camera bag & laptop bag. with all the freakishly early snow, I wanted to get some shots in. I didn't have a memory card, it's in my card reader, plugged into my computer. I remembered that I have my camcorder, I have a 16gb card in it. I took it out to measure it for the steadicam knockoff I'm working on. the point and shoot has a 2gb card, better than nothing. Unfortunately I took it out for the party the night before. packed it in and finished going to my parent's...

oh ya! I recently got a free micro sd card! with sd/memory stick adapters! I put windows on it, I have a backup, so it's ok deleting it since I'm in a bind! it was on my desk... so I went all the way to plan D... and... nothin... nice camera, nice lens... worth nothing without sd card...

Mood: ordered a new 64gb extreme pro + the existing 32gb extreme pro... so no more missing memory
Location: parent's house

11/3/2011 7:23:02 PM