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I got lost coming home from the train station... again... ya, I have no sense of direction without a good location. I want a new cellphone! I was backtracking, and I came to an intersection where someone was laying almost on top of the middle yellow line, curled in fetal position. I slowed down and was preparing to check on the drunk. A lady comes frantically running to my window saying that her mom's frantic and that she hit someone, that I should call 911. so I did, on the phone I checked on the mother, she was in complete shock, and crying. the guy laying in the middle of the road wasn't moving, I didn't want to touch him in case of a neck injury or bleeding. 911 dispatcher misunderstood the intersection that I gave him and didn't know which intersection it was right away. I was transferred to the local police so they can send medical personnel. throughout the call, random people would stop and ask what happened. I told them what I could, that I saw someone laying in the middle of the road, and a lady came up to me and going on about calming her mother down. it's a little funny after the fact, but people assumed that I was the one that hit him. while I was on the phone and waiting for emergency personnel, I stood by the person to help bring attention to drivers that passed by to not hit him. the police came, pretty much swarmed the place and took a quick look at him, flipping him onto his back. he was breathing and called an ambulance. almost every police officer asked me what happened, I told the same story. I didn't see the actual hit, just him on the ground. I'd say about 5 different officers asked me the same thing. I also left my car there, so it was kind of in an awkward position at the corner of the road. they constantly asked each other who's car is that? eventually, one officer said that since I didn't see anything, that I can go. I asked should you get my phone number just in case? it was only then did he ask... before leaving, I asked how to get to the turnpike.

bystanders are funny... they constantly came up to me to ask what happened. almost all of them asked if I called 911 when they didn't see a phone by my head, some would ask me questions while I was on the phone. one couple was curious to ask what happened, and the passenger got out to look, but didn't really want to be bothered. I had them write down the licence plate in case the woman ran off. while trying to write down the plate, they said that they couldn't stay. why stop in the first place? are you helping the situation? I understand you're curious. at the same time, you're disrupting me while on the phone calling 911.

after replaying the events in my head, I'm starting to wonder... did I do enough? should I have used some of the first aid I knew?

Mood: some of the images of this morning are burned in my head...
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10/29/2011 1:54:33 PM