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the trek begins

prepping for my long night ahead, I bought 2 cans of doubleshot, gum, water. I had one on the way up to the harrison path station. during the ride up, all that was running through my head was, what am I doing? I don't stay up late, I don't go to parties. while waiting on the platform, someone asked me if this was the right way to get to hoboken, he was a little lost. turns out, we were both on the wrong side!! after getting on the correct side, there we bumped into some more costumed people, we all started to strike up a conversation, it was totally random. Somehow we all had pictures together... too bad our destinations were to different places, would've been interesting to hang out with them more.

Location: path from harrison to world trade center

10/29/2011 6:10:04 AM