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reclaiming my saturdays!!

I decided to change my life. for my g/f, but she still doesn't want me.. but I still want to change!! it could be an issue later down the road, so for the one that I WILL be with. since I like the extra income, I'll keep the job, but I'll call in at least the day before saying if I won't come in.

today it was difficult to be at the shop... I constantly torture myself with relationships. I don't kno why I do it to myself. maybe it's guilt, maybe it's me not wanting to fail, whatever it is, it hit me hard. it took a lot of strength for me to not cry. cranking "the sounds" & working on a steadicam knockoff when we were slow helped to distract me. happiest part of my day!!

Mood: trying to change the world that I know

10/22/2011 5:37:01 PM