About Me

a form of expression

I've been talking to a lot of friends, nothing really gets accomplished, I'm still broken up, still hurting. but just saying how I feel helps. I'm glad that I have the small number of friends that will listen to me. typing out to strangers doesn't hurt either. it's just another way to release the bottled up emotions. without that, I'd probably become a bond villain.

the one part I don't like is getting random feedback from random people... that's kinda weird. what makes them qualified to give out advice? I remember last year I had tons of people commenting. not knowing who they are or who I REALLY am. but, I try to take it wit a grain of salt. I'm guessing that they have an intention to help. it's hilarious that I try to see the good in people, when I can be so vindictive & sinister to people who piss me off. yes I'm talking to U audi that cut me off!! U got a nice hard drive magnet on UR car!!

some days I feel like I'm slipping back to someone I promised myself I would never be so many years ago... I need to get my shit together. we weren't made for each other... why mope around for something that would have a slim chance? actually I kno the answer to that one. I'm stubborn and I always hold onto hope.

Mood: agonizing about the breakup
Location: my own head...
Music: the sounds - beatbox

10/20/2011 1:55:16 AM